Dethink to Survive

Sing Another Song, Boys

Just when you thought this week couldn’t possibly get any worse…

Words fail me. They really do!

I have a feeling words wouldn’t have failed Leonard, though. They never did. 

In honor, then, of a man who tried – in his way – to be free. Something for which we should all strive, now more than ever.

The end of 2016 can’t come soon enough.


Brexit AND President Trump in the same year? Are you freaking KIDDING me?! 

On the plus side, we’re now halfway to a complete set of Horsemen… So, yeah. There’s that.

Fun with Spammers, Part One

Is it sad that I was *this* close to opening the e-mail, even though I knew it was junk? (Actually, don’t answer that.)

I think it was the capitalization that got me. Well, almost…