Dethink to Survive


For a double dose of my pimping, read on…
One needn’t be Veronica Mars in order to pick up on the fact that this here blog hasn’t been updated in a while. A long while, in fact. So what gives?
The answer is either “Nothing” or “Everything”, depending upon one’s philosophical bent. Regardless, it’s not terribly interesting.
After the long-awaited demise of Posterous was scheduled for April 30, 2013, I figured it was high time for me to extricate my cranium from betwixt my buttocks and figure out how to redirect my domain. (Twelve months after the fact, I grant you, but better late than never.)
Welcome, then, to my new home on the World Wide Web. V. God-Knows-What is officially up and running, thanks to Posthaven’s timely creation, which saved me from having to a) go crawling back to WordPress, or b) give Tumblr a shot.
At the time of writing, Posthaven is still in its public beta phase, so the layout of this page will almost certainly change as more features and themes become available.
Who knows? Perhaps the fact that I must now pay for my blogging platform will inspire me to post more frequently! Stranger things have happened.
In the meantime, as ever, stick around if you feel so inclined.